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The Caregiver Reading List: 40 Books to Help You Care for an Aging Loved One or Patient

Are you new to caregiving, preparing to become a caregiver, or are you a veteran at providing in-home care for seniors? You may not have time to sift through search results to find a book offering tips and encouragement on caregiving that meets your needs, so we’ve covered the groundwork for you. We’ve found 40 books on caregiving […]

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30 Books for Seniors to Add to their Reading List

Reading lists are a joy. Spunk, drama, history, intrigue, and lessons learned – all compiled in one place. This reading list for seniors pulls fiction titles from the New York Times’ Bestsellers List, and then lists titles from categories, like, inspirational non-fiction; puzzles, games, and trivia; biographies, books on aging, instructional books, and a couple literary classics. Let’s dive […]

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6 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Your body is rejuvenated by quality sleep. Your immune system is strengthened, which helps ward of viruses. And you will likely find that health conditions improve when your body receives adequate rest. Additionally, you may find that you experience less stress and agitation. Thoughts are often clearer – less confusion, more focus. Quality sleep plays a vital role in […]

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6 Easy Social Outlets for Your Elderly Parents

Social engagement has been known to reduce mortality rates and positively influence health overall. Major bodily systems, like the endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems benefit from social engagement. When seniors socialize, they may find that their stress levels, blood pressure, and levels of depression decrease. Seniors need social interaction as much as, if not more than, their younger counterparts. […]

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Home Exercises to Improve Seniors’ Health

Physical activity helps seniors live longer, healthier lives. There are both physical and mental benefits for seniors who exercise. Active seniors experience reduced rates of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, type-2 diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Older adults who exercise regularly are also less likely to experience depression or mental decline. Increased bone health and range of motion are additional benefits. […]

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Senior Care Provider

Senior care providers pour their hearts and expertise into serving their elderly clients with tenderness and respect. Whether your caregiver is a family member or a trained professional, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to offer a small token of appreciation this holiday season. Family Caregivers  Family caregivers can be so dedicated to meeting the […]