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Stress Relief for Seniors

It feels like our lives are ruled by stress from whatever life throws at us. Unfortunately, as we age, the stress doesn’t necessarily go away. It is important to learn how to reduce stress in healthy ways, and that is true for seniors as well. Most seniors are experiencing stress from a variety of things, […]


Super Deals For Savvy Seniors

Many seniors have reasons to save up money when they get older. Maybe they have grandchildren to spoil, decided to retire early, or simply like to take advantage of senior discounts. Whether you are looking to save on entertainment, food, or travel, this guide can give you many options. MUSEUMS Museums are a great way […]

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Dealing with Difficult Seniors

Are you a home care professional in love with your job but less enthusiastic about your senior clients’ sudden shifts in mood and behavior? Senior crankiness and volatility is a tough topic to discuss. Professionals with an affinity towards service often want to view themselves and their clients in a positive light. And family members are often burdened with […]

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Traveling with Seniors: What Every Caregiver Should Know

When traveling with elderly loved ones, detailed planning can create a more enjoyable travel experience. Below are some tips to keep in mind when traveling by air, land, or water. Pre-Planning Before making any reservations, get travel clearance from a physician. Here are some things to consider when discussing trip ideas with your loved one’s physician: Will […]


Dehydration in the Elderly: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Drinking a sufficient amount of water prevents kidneys from being overworked when removing toxins from the body. Sufficient fluid intake helps cells function well and keeps the body balanced. When the body’s total body water amount is far less than needed, a person experiences dehydration. Dehydration is a dangerous, yet common condition for seniors. Low fluid intake can affect […]


Differences Between Home Care and Home Health

The terms home health care and home care are often used interchangeably, blurring the lines between very distinct services. Home care services provide care and companionship in the comfort of the client’s home. Home health care are medical services provided by a skilled caregiver and prescribed by a doctor. Home health care might include home care services as […]

The Caregiver Reading List

The Caregiver Reading List: 40 Books to Help You Care for an Aging Loved One or Patient

Are you new to caregiving, preparing to become a caregiver, or are you a veteran at providing in-home care for seniors? You may not have time to sift through search results to find a book offering tips and encouragement on caregiving that meets your needs, so we’ve covered the groundwork for you. We’ve found 40 books on caregiving […]

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30 Books for Seniors to Add to their Reading List

Reading lists are a joy. Spunk, drama, history, intrigue, and lessons learned – all compiled in one place. This reading list for seniors pulls fiction titles from the New York Times’ Bestsellers List, and then lists titles from categories, like, inspirational non-fiction; puzzles, games, and trivia; biographies, books on aging, instructional books, and a couple literary classics. Let’s dive […]