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Senior Care FAQs

A relative really needs help. Where do I start?
The first step toward finding care is to clearly identify your relative’s needs. Determine exactly what services he or she might need, then you can research your options. You can start by answering simple questions. For example:

Does your relative need any medical assistance or medication administration?
This includes physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and wound care. If so, you are looking for skilled or home health care, and need to hire a certified professional. Your relative’s primary care physician or a senior care advisor can provide more information about how much care is required (just a few hours per week, or 24-hour care, for instance).

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Our Story

CareInHomes was founded in 2008 by David Armstrong and Steve Vandegrift, two work colleagues both dealing with family members who needed assistance.

After experiencing the challenges of finding caregiving solutions for loved ones first-hand, David and Steve wanted to help other families in the same situation. They wanted to provide an easier way to quickly identify and connect with the providers for the types of care they needed. By asking a few key questions about the care families were looking for and matching those answers against a database of caregiver agencies across the country, CareInHomes has helped millions of families with a simple process for finding the perfect service providers in their area to support and care for their loved ones.

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